My Testimony

  I’m “Saved”…for those who are not part of the body of Christ…here follows a description.

I have accepted that Jesus Christ died on the cross, taking on my sins and redeeming me to God. I have undergone water baptism and I am now a new creation in Christ which means I now have the gift of eternal life. I firmly believe the Bible and what it says “that there is no other way but through Christ” that one can be saved and entitled to eternal life.

A short back ground of my life. I married Alexander and moved to Germany five years ago…he is not saved. We struggled in the beginning of our relationship…in that it was hard for me to follow the biblical principles that say a wife should submit to her husband especially when his belief system was inclined very much towards atheism. After a year of fighting and reasoning with my husband, the futility of it all dawned on me and I became a praying wife instead.

In that time God was faithful…blessing me in everything…financially stable, conceiving after trying for more than two years. I saw the power of prayer, whenever I need something I was down on my knees and would get everyone to pray for me as well. I make my needs known for the church doesn’t look down on you…pity you but rather they encourage and build you up and offer you up in prayer. The results are astounding. Trying to conceive the second time proved difficult and this is when I turned to the power of prayer yet again. Last year as the festive season was upon us, I got a positive on a pregnancy test. Everything was perfect…I felt blessed beyond measure. However Christ’s words ring in my head “For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” My one prayer request was still unanswered, “Lord when will Alex come to you?” and I knew that I had to wait…five years of praying and enduring problems that come up when your husband is not a believer can wear you down at times but as Paul said ‘perservere’…little did I know that my answer to prayer would come in a distressing situation.

When 2014 arrived…I decided it was time to buckle down and get closer to God that meant getting into the Word of God. I signed up for online Bible courses through WBS (World Bible School) as a two year old does not give me the opportunity to attend bible studies in the evenings that is offered through the church I attend. Also a friend via Facebook contacted me…she had cancer and wanted me to include her in prayer and I did every day. Little did I know that God was passing me the support structure to face a cancer mountain that would come my way.

You hear about cancer…you pray for others with it…but it’s completely different when it comes home, when it’s right in your face endangering the life of your husband. Alex got diagnosed with cancer. At first I broke down as I watched my husband undergo painful tests in an attempt to find out what it was, where it spread and how bad it was. Unable to eat, in less than a month he became nothing but skin and bones. I watched him tear up in the early hours of the morning when the pain was too much to bear even with strong pain killers and we had to call on the ambulance services to rush him to the hospital. I felt my world crumbling…pregnant, stressed out and unable to stop crying.

Shortly after that when worrying accomplished nothing and when left alone with your thoughts, it wreaks nothing but havoc and leaves you sleepless, tired and all run out of energy. I then contacted believing friends and family to ask them to pray for me.

I prayed more for Alex’s salvation (and many other rallied with me in prayer here as well) than that of his physical well being for I know that we are all appointed once to die and then the judgment and I wanted Alex to be saved before he met our Maker.

My friend who has cancer and undergoing chemo (whom I was praying for started encouraging me and praying with me). She sent me a message that blew me away and I quote her here…“Cancer is just a name my friend…it shall bow down to Jesus. Please note that even though people mean well, u guys don’t need sympathy & pity. Prayer is d most powerful weapon together with ur faith. Lets win this war. Victory is ours Amen!”

At that moment, I pulled myself together…the tears stopped and the peace of God that passes all understanding took over. I became a warrior and was not interested in getting in contact with people that was going to say ‘Oh I am sorry’…I ignored messages from everyone and focused on responding to believers who were praying for me. My inbox was then flooded with encouraging bible messages and prayer spread like wild fire all over the world. Brothers and sisters in the Lord put forward my prayer request to the churches they were attending. (From Africa to Europe across to Asia, the US and Britain prayers were being offered on our behalf to the Lord).

I visited Alex at the hospital and was quite clear in that he needed to reconsider what I have been telling him over the years…that his atheistic beliefs was nonsense and that Christ was waiting. A few days later he was discharged. He came home (this was two days before surgery was scheduled) and told me that he was ready for the Lord. I felt like dancing even though we had cancer in our lives. I couldn’t get near him that evening due to all the radiation fluid he had to consume for one of his many tests. The next day we said the sinners prayer and I read to him the bible verse from John 3:16…For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son that whoever believes him will not perish but have eternal life” I was then able to hold him and it was good to see the relief in his eyes through the tears.

The WBS online courses encouraged me so much, the lessons carried me through, instead of sitting and worrying, I was eating up the word of God and getting stronger. The lessons with regards to praying without fear and without doubt moved me and I knew that Alex had already won the battle right then and there. I was singing worship songs and rejoicing already.

Alex underwent surgery last week Wednesday. He told me the night before, there was no stress, no worry, just peace and I knew that Christ was already working in him. Wednesday after 8,5 hours of operating time…a difficult but successful procedure (all tumors gone), my husband has been cleared of cancer. The surgeons laser treated him during the operation and they are so confident that they have it all that no further treatment is required.

This is the power of God…I serve an awesome God, one that will never leave nor forsake me. I now await news of my friend and how she too will be a conqueror through Jesus Christ. I look forward to seeing her testimony soon as this is what is required of us Christians, giving God all the glory.